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Rachel Sharrock
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WaverleyGlass, post: 251320, member: 100521 wrote:

I am looking to expand my family business. We are looking to increase our online presence and google ranking. We also wish to receive a higher number of phone calls and quote requests leading to more jobs and work.

We haven’t really paid for a website or advertising before and have succeeded by word of mouth for the past 10 years.

We run a Glass and Glazing business in the south eastern suburbs of Melbourne.
I have done my best to create my own website and business page on Google. We currently get out ranked and beaten in online search results. There is another larger glazing business a few kilometers away from us with a very similar business name who are our competitors.

We are prepared to spend a couple of hundred dollars on advertising if required. I currently use wordpress.com to update the website and plan on learning more about website creation opposed to outsourcing.

We would greatly appreciate any recommendations on how to improve our website, SEO and google ranking. Do we need to ask other businesses/websites to provide back-links to our site? Do I need to pay for Yoast SEO on wordpress?


Thank-you in advance.

I think your budget is too low, however I recommend Upwork which is an international site where you will pay a lot less than here (sorry to all those who do this kind of work in Australia). I have very successfully used a couple of graphic designers in Portugal to create three logos, all of which I love for a fraction of the cost of what I was quoted here. I am also in the process of updating our website (which I made myself and is too basic) and have someone doing the SEO in the Phillipines.

Forget doing it yourself and Good Luck.