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Hi Goodsportz,

I’ve been in online marketing since before Google and have studied it and worked with it closely ever since both as an SEO and AdWords partner, I’m fairly familiar with how it works, hence my providing those two links which you might not have had a chance to read.

The point being that if in your expert proprietary knowledge base there is something saying you should only use one H1, you’ll need to rewrite it as Mueller has confirmed more than once or twice. (See those links).

So as Google themselves have confirmed in writing, you can have multiple H1’s if it makes sense. They don’t rely on H1’s to understand a page, that’s now done much more reliably than that.

I’d have to disagree with your statement about Google not giving info that might help us to rank, that is most definitely very wrong. Surely you’ve seen Google’s own guide for beginners, the thousands of Q&A videos, the live hangouts, Webmaster Central, the blog and the myriad of helpful tweets from Illyes, Mueller and so many others. Why they practically shove the info down our throats because as Mueller sometimes says we share the same aim – getting good sites to rank well…

btw – Its probably only fair to let you know that many here and at other Aussie forums have a dim view of anyone describing themselves as expert, guru or ninja. Maybe leave that for others to decide to be on the safe side, it’s possibly part of the old Aussie tall poppy thing but that’s just a guess on my part.

Nice to have another SEO person here at FS, enjoy the remainder of the weekend.