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That’s my point Mike, Google have told us it won’t make any difference and indeed it doesn’t – you’re not disadvantaged by using more than one H1 – use as many as makes sense in your particular context.

Others can argue all they like, just like those folk who believe that schema makes a significant difference to rankings, it doesn’t.

It was a total surprise to everyone last year when a guy called Brian Dean did a large study of ranking factors and actually concluded that schema made no difference at all. It was no surprise to many of us but Dean himself and many lesser experienced people had expected it would be significant.

Same goes for ‘social shares’ there are still people arguing strongly they are a ranking signal – they’re not… same goes for ‘time on site’ and other user engagement signals… they’re not used other than in aggregate testing and tweaking of the algorithms.

I could go on about the many myths but in the end everyone has to get on with their own beliefs, even if they are completely baseless…

SEO is a bit like religion in that regard :)