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Byron Trzeciak
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You lost me as soon as I landed. Within 5 seconds I had very little idea of what you were selling or who your target market was.

You should have 10x quality photos as a hero image.

“Quality men’s fashion accessories for real men”
“Fast and Easy Online shopping for men that hate shopping centres”
“Shop NOW”

I’m not a fan of the logo – feels like you’d be selling gothic / grunge products.

Your unique selling propositions need to be better shown (see the iconic) Free Delivery Australia Wide, 30 day returns, priority shipping, call XXXX XXX XXX

SEO is a necessity but it’s also incredibly competitive in this space. You’ve ignored SEO at this point and your site needs some serious work.

Online stores are very much based on trust. If I don’t trust your site then I’m not going to spend with you, simple as that. There’s no way I’d give my credit card to someone I don’t trust. The site just doesn’t have enough trust indicators for me to feel like your store is a legitimate store to buy from.

You need testimonials, reviews, security logos, brands you work with (if any), terms and conditions, privacy policies etc etc.

hope that helps