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Dave.W, post: 251648, member: 99792 wrote:
Hi Mark.
I will be commencing Lawn mowing, garden maintenance and maybe house cleaning services for our Aged Care clients. I was wondering what insurance I would need. At a later date my wife will do Occupational therapy as well. Could I begin our business with a certain insurance that will cover me then change the type of insurance when we offer more services and maybe sub contractors?

Hi Dave,

The following is GENERAL ADVICE…

Depending on your setup / circumstances, you may need to look at:
– Public & Products Liability;
– Personal Accident;
– Workers Compensation;
– Tools & Equipment;
– Motor Vehicle;
– Management Liability;
and others.

Personally because of your different businesses, I wouldn’t be using one policy to cover both your and your wifes businesses – her risk is more of a medical malpractice / allied health risk and yours is a trade risk so they have two completely different ‘liability’ requirements. If you were mowing lawns and she was washing windows then one policy would be suitable but not with such a large diversity.