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Grandawood, post: 251577, member: 66994 wrote:
Rohortensia, like [USER=60404]@Mischelle[/USER] said, it is best if you set up a website to attract leads

In Australia, the labour is very expensive, not everyone would take “commission work only” unless that item surely sells itself

How about you try your gears listed on eBay at retail price and test the market. If you are not willing to take the stock in, ask if your supplier is willing to drop ship for you?

Retailers only want what sell because no matter what happens, on the first of every month, rent and outgoing need to be paid or they will receive some nasty arrears letters.
Hi Grandawood thanks for explaining it in detail.I have already considered that and purchased website’s domain.I have made up accounts on some popular B2B sites as well like Tradekey,Alibaba and some others just not a paid member yet on these sites will be if it’s worth. Right now looking for more sources like business Expos,meetings etc.