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bb1, post: 251706, member: 53375 wrote:
Ok I’m known to be blunt around here, but you say they are getting all this at a bargain price,, but lets be honest, your website is not performing, your branding is not working, adwords campaigns are dodgy. If all that was working as well as you say, you would have a well performing business, and not looking at selling it at a bargain basement price. The sale price reflects the true value to a purchaser, not what you have necessarily spent on it.

To me just reading all of your post’s here, all people would be buying is stock which is sounds like no one wants anyhow.

Just my opinion on reading the thread, why would anyone invest $1000 for whats on offer?
Ok, yes, I get your point.

I suppose I was looking at it as if someone was wanting to start a business of my type. They would have to pay much more than $1000 to get all this established, but if they took mine it already is. So in that way they are starting at square one to build the business from nothing at a much cheaper price. After all if they started from scratch they would need all these things anyway, this would be a quicker and easier solution since it’s already running. That’s why I thought $1000 seemed like a fair price. Just explaining my original reasoning here not arguing against your point.
As for my stock, I don’t think no one would want it, it’s not worthless. I am just not sure how easily it would be to get rid of every single thing, side every other shop of my kind would already have wholesale contacts where they an buy their own stuff, and also we all stock slightly different lines so if mine doesn’t match theirs exactly it’s probably not good for them to buy. This doesn’t make it worthless stock however…
I do see your point though, and I guess I’m probably blinded a bit for my love of my (apparently worthless) business. From the sound of it I won’t be able to sell and move on to recoup anything. Perhaps a massive backyard bonfire is in order to at least get rid of all this stuff haha (sniff). I think tonight calls for several stiff drinks.
Thanks for the honesty.