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The idea that has been floating around in my head for a couple of years is about creating an Air B&B type site linking holiday makers with recreational fisherman.

The plan would be to link someone who is on holidays who might like fishing but has no equipment/ boat etc on hand and give them an opportunity to go with a local fisherman, either out to sea, in an estuary or even to do some land based fishing.

The benefit of this is that it would be much more flexible and more personal than a large charter boat situation, as well as being much cheaper for the customer as well as bringing in some income for the fisherman.

So far, I have some fisherman ready to go in my local area to use as a test group but am waiting to finalise quotes etc for isurances. This has been difficult to get as they are very wary because it is new. Hopefully when this is done I can start to get the ball rolling a bit faster.

Would like to hear more about your marketing plans etc as this is very much an unknown for me as well.