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Peter – FS Administrator
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Hi Rich,
This is very a common dilemma for people who start up a side business alongside their regular job.

If the side business turns out to be a success, like yours, then you inevitably get to the point where there’s too much work to ‘fit in’ around your job, but not the equivalent income.

I agree with Rowan that talking to the accountant and getting the finances in order would be a great step. If it’s possible, one idea would be to try and save up a financial buffer that might buy you some time to replace the income and/or you could talk to your accountant about a business loan?

I’m assuming it’s not possible to do less of your day job while you build up the business? Or could you take on a part-time landcape resource to help grow the revenue during the transition?

In my opinion there’s never really going to be a seamless transition without some risk and doubt, so at some point there will be a leap to be made!

It’s a good problem to have really :) but doesn’t make it an easy decision!

Cheer, Peter