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Byron Trzeciak
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What i’ve found through my journey, and similar responses to the ones you’ve received, is that people are fearful of the unknown. If they haven’t done or experienced something in their own life then they’re fearful of others trying to step outside of their comfort zones.

I think what’s important to know is that typically their fear comes from a place of love, they don’t want to see you struggle financially or choose a life of risk over a supposed life of “security”.

“What if it fails…?” is a glass half empty approach, but as you’ve indicated “What if I’ve got more work than I could possibly handle?”.

When I quit, my wife and I actually cold quit (with savings) both our jobs and gave up our combined salaries of 180k+. It was scary and hard to make that decision. However one thing I was certain of was that I could make it work, and no matter what I had to do I’d find a way to earn a good living and replace my old corporate income.

Most of that fear has already been answered for you, you have a successful side business and when you devote all of your time to it ,and boost it with digital marketing, then undoubtedly you’re going to find a lot of success.

I would say though that, business isn’t always as sexy as people make out. You have your good days and your bad days and as a soloer there can be alot of pressure and stress that rests on your shoulders too.

Once you’re successful however you’ll probably find those same people that doubted you, or feared for you, are the ones that tell you “we can’t all be so lucky…..”, “we’re proud of you”, “I wish I’d started my own business….” or “how did you do it”

I knew without a doubt in my mind I couldn’t stay on the path I was on, so at the end of the day the choice was made for me. I wrote about it here if you’re interested in reading more, it might resonate with you.