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Hi Rich, I think the practical thing to consider here is what growth you will be creating for the business once you quit your job. Is your business at a scale that can support your current salary? If not, then what does it need to grow to that stage, and can you do that by devoting yourself to the business full time? And what’s the timeframe you’ll be comfortable to get to that scale? These are some of the questions I’d discuss with your accountant.

I also think before you quit, you need to have a detailed plan on what you’d tackle and what results you’d want to see on a weekly/fortnightly/monthly basis. For example, you may have growing social media presence on your plan and your goal is to get 100 leads in the first fortnight, and then out of the 100 leads, 10 of them may become customers. The plan would give you a sense of security and focus that you’ll be working on the things that really matter to growing your business. And having quantifiable numbers as your goals, you can work out fairly easily the financial value of these activities you plan to undertake.

Hope this makes sense. Good luck!