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Janice PI
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Mischelle, post: 251695, member: 60404 wrote:
Hi Janice,

Firstly, congratulations on taking the leap. It is scary but well worth it.

You have a great opportunity here as many people are scared to order large quantities of products from the unknown. Many product are bad quality and sourcing suppliers is difficult.

Your first thing to do is build on your website, show example products, sort by category, not just list them in the FAQ’s.

When I look at your site, I thought you were just doing custom uniforms. But if I read through your FAQ’s I see a LOT more.

Also go through your content and check for grammar IE” We oversea manufacture in the factory to ensure quality is up to our high standard.” This is written in broken English.

I would focus on the fact you are Australian based with China based people for quality control for a range of products.

SCHOOL UNIFORMS: Bert is correct that a lot of schools have very large long term contracts and it would be hard to break into.

If you are looking for Government Tenders try:


For Research: https://www.finance.gov.au/archive/publications/selling-to-the-australian-government/

For General Tenders Try:


Good luck
Hi Mischelle, your email is gold, thank you so much for taking the time. Yes my supplier has manufactured a wide range of items, including clothing for major Australian companies as well as some weird an unusal things such as inflatables from major tennis matches. I was really not sure where to start with such a wide range of ideas to choose from. I thought I would start with school uniforms as my supplier custom makes uniforms for a lot of schools in Sydney. But I have not found much interest, perhaps like you say due to them being tied up. The website was my first effort at making a website in Godaddy and I agree it needs improvement. Perhaps time to get an expert involved.

Thank you for the links for tenders. I really value your advice and I will give the tendering idea a go.

Much appreciate your help. Janice