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Amirrezaz999, post: 251711, member: 100731 wrote:
Hello everyone,

I have been looking into buying a plastic part which I could not find any retailers for it, however a manufacturer in china has gave me a FOB $7.7 quote. considering the weight of the package being a max of 3 kg and a size of 30*50*30 cm, which way is the cheapest for the shipment of such package. Time is not an important factor here.

Hi Amirrezaz999,

Lightweight products like that will have a higher ‘volumetric weight’ and air freight carriers would charge as if it was about 8-10kg due to the dimensions. Check what your supplier can do. An EMS may be OK but I doubt it at those dimensions. As a very rough estimate you’d be looking at about USD200-250 for air express services.

As time isn’t an issue look for a freight forwarder who could drop it into another sea freight shipment and you could be looking at only USD2-3 for the freight but will get port fees, customs fees and local delivery costs on top of that.