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Hi Brionne,

I sell digital downloads (Document and Training), I’ve been doing this for about 5 years. This is my passive income stream.

I sell documents in Zip files and single documents (Word, PPT, Excel or PDF) – I have used or I am currently using:

WordPress with Woo Commerce – I found that Woo Commerce was too bloated for what I specifically needed with many updates so I stopped this and changed to EDD (next on the list). (Was hosted on my VPS)

WordPress with Easy Digital downloads plugin with PayPal (This is by far the easiest WP plugin for DD and Software licenses – with an addon) It is specifically designed for DD (Hosted on my VPS) – Once again maintenance and updates need to done regularly.

I also use DPD (https://getdpd.com/) for external buttons on social media and landing pages for promotions or launches and their pricing is super simple being that it’s a flat rate and they have PDF stamping and encryption as part of their service. I also don’t have the maintenance to worry about – YEAH.

I also have a Shopify store for DD, which requires zero maintenance and that is why I use it. But this site is used by 4 other people as well, we’ve sort of made a mini marketplace between us all. It has the feature of managing the different authors, so the payouts go to who owns the product.

I like your concept, just make sure to keep your prices simple. I put the link to the DPD site for your reference so you can see the simplicity of their pricing.

Selz with Digital Ninja is another popular one for people without a website or only want a simple landing page for their eBooks.

Good luck and I look forward to seeing the features of your platform.

Mischelle :):)