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Brionne Naish
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Greg_M, post: 251997, member: 38207 wrote:
A couple of years ago I was selling digital downloads from a website. The downloads were a package of different file types gzipped (mainly PDF and Spreadsheets).

My solution at the time was ECWID a JavaScript shopping cart you can drop into any web page with a few lines of code, they provide all the backend requirements.

I think they now charge $15 US a month as a minimum entry point for digital download stuff and the file size is limited unless you go for a premium plan. They do integrate with Facebook but I’m not sure about anything else.

When I used it digital downloads were part of their ‘free plan’ (10 SKU, I think).

Their system is easy and intuitive to use imo, but if I was doing it again I’d try your system out if it’s simple to embed and the price was right.

Good luck with it.

winwinweb05, post: 252036, member: 87122 wrote:
I know you’re looking for an idea to develop. I think you have a mockup for design.


If you are looking to sell a product or service. It is good to go with Framework.
hey there,
We do have the framework, currently under development getting very near finished.
We are building MVP to begin, not too many features yet, just the ability to upload the file (we are using google firebase as the hosting) set the selling settings, ie currency, price , image, summary details. Once they are saved you can obtain the link to share on social sites or embed in a button on your own website. When the link is clicked, it opens up your sale page and allows the buyer to purchase.

Do you think it would be a difficult way to sell on line doing it without a shopping cart or store facility?