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Rowan @ GardenLarder, post: 252082, member: 28171 wrote:
As a business owner I am more amenable to having a potential supplier visit me than send an email. I like to see that they have made an effort, and be able to ask questions about them and their products.
Are there local businesses that you could visit to get experience in approaching to start with?

Agree 100%, really an email just means that they have taken the time to compose an often poorly scripted heap of gibberish, and mass mailed it out to 10,000 poor people who really aren’t interested in what they have to say, there is no care for the customer with this approach.

It’s interesting I used to have my IT managers email address listed on my website, and they still kept pumping garden rubbish to him, pure and simple Spam, did they care, of course not.

And why don’t they care, because ACMA is a toothless tiger.