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Hi Deb,

I am really sorry to hear about your hubby’s injuries/illness.

IF you have made the final decision that selling is the only option then I 100% recommend you get your accountant to put everything together, you can get a lot of the paperwork ready so reduce the accountants costs.

You will need your last 5 years financials (the accountant will have those)

You need to put together all your paperwork and figures. The link below maps them out for you to help with your valuation:


For more generic information about everything go to the link below:


You need to decide how you are going to sell it. Either a broker or yourself, I think using your own network of people and friends is a good choice for a smaller location.

It can be difficult to sell a small business, BUT if there is a demand and your figures look good, you might be in a better place than most.

Good luck and I really hope everything goes well for you.

Mischelle :):)