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Paul – FS Concierge
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I echo [USER=60404]@Mischelle[/USER] thoughts and feelings and I hope your husband has a better than expected recovery.

In order for you to receive the maximum $$$ from a sale, I *feel* you would be better served by running the business now so that your numbers don’t completely break down, eg your business will be worth less to a buyer if it does not trade for 6 months than if it continues trading.

Unfortunately, your circumstances have changed and you do not have a choice to change that.

However, your husband’s “OLD” thought pattern,

“My husband does not want to employ a subbie or anyone else to to the work for him – it is his business and he will not have his reputation tainted by bad work.”

Served you both when he had a choice to keep the business small and do the work himself.

His attitude may have been an asset when he had his health, may be a liability now – it is worth re-visiting given current circumstances.

I feel you need to have a very firm grasp of what your business is worth and why the valuation is fair (and hopefully also know some negotiating skills as well) to do a good job selling the business yourself.

Otherwise, you might be better off with a business broker – you should contact several to get a feel for how they value the business and what approach they would take.

I am hoping for the best for you.