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tshsr, post: 252281, member: 100986 wrote:
Hi Deb,
This is a déjà vue post for me, 7.5 years ago I had a similar issue, after running my business for 15 years doing Screens, Security Doors and Glass door and window repairs, an old injury caught up with me.
I am in a regional town in NSW
Over the years I had employed a number of tradies but keeping work up to them and myself, reliability and customer acceptance issues meant that I never made money while they were with me, so worked the last 6 years by myself.

Unfortunately I discovered as you now have that the “business” you have is really your husband alone. Take him out of it and there is not much left, he is what the customers want.
After 7 years I still have my old customers ringing and calling into home to see if I could help them out, but I am just not physically able to, they even come into the business I now work for asking me about doors etc, and I sell tractors now!

In the end I could only sell my business name (trademarked), the phone numbers and the customer list to a competitor who was a small player doing partly similar work and the vehicle and stock online.
All up for not much money, but I just had get out of the work, as you do.

My suggestion is to do some research on other tradies and their employees or a related business in your area, Curtains or Carpentry etc and call them all to see if someone will take it over, or if there is an employee working for someone who would like to have a go on their own.
The downside is that you will be unlikely to get anymore than Stock, plant and equipment value, and there will always be a number of customers who just don’t like the new operator.

Sorry I cannot help with a golden idea, just my reality, I hope yours works out better.


Thanks Tony, you have been in a similar situation haven’t you. My husband is old school, and will work until he drops, but that is not helping his health and wellbeing. He has been in the trade since he was 14 and is now in his late 50s.

To spite all that he has returned to work and will do what he can to complete a couple of jobs per day. He has an offsider – a retired mate of his, who does what he can to help, but is not a tradie. But will take your advise and ring around. We have no competition here, and the work is there for someone who will put in the extra hours, the population is around 22000 for the 4 islands, and about 70% of them know of us or Gary, most of our work is word of mouth. Even when he was in hospital recently for 2 weeks, people wanted to wait, but I had to tell them he still had recovery time to do, no we’ll wait, which is loyalty and nice, but I still gave them the opportunity to try elsewhere.

I will let you know how we go. Cheers Deb Usmar