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Lucy Kippist, post: 252385, member: 98720 wrote:
Thanks for your thoughts, Lee. I’m interested in what you say about hashtags – and completely agree it is much easier to find your audience on instagram. Maybe because you can “do less’ with this application. It’s a bit why I have always favoured Twitter and Instagram separately, over Facebook – you just focus on one thing (although you can add photos and video i guess…hmmm). I find it frustrating that you need to provide your “link” in the bio when you want people to read more than you can squeeze into the data field. As a user I still find that a bit irritating no matter how much I love the person’s site.

I’ve also checked out the link – food is just MADE for this platform isn’t it? Also enjoyed the witty comments :)

Oh I agree, both Twitter and Instagram are open platforms, as in you can find almost anyone, connect with them and follow them. On Facebook it’s more challenging to do so from a business perspective.

Agree on your point about the copy and link – it’s frustrating. And requires a bit of forward planning :)

On the hashtags, it’s important to think about your target audience and where they are. You can then build a few of the most important ones into your strategy. Say for example you’re a business in Melbourne. Watching out for hashtags around this and engaging with users–where relevant–and their content can help you start building relationships, and increasing visibility of your brand. The cautious factor however is to watch out for looking spammy.

Haha – thanks. We have a very specific brand, so it’s good to see that coming across :)