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My take out from this discussion to date and from what I’m reading (and experiencing at micro scale) is, that if your website has a reasonable semantic structure, relevant content that answers the query, you’re better off spending your money on Adwords etc (managed by someone that knows their stuff), than paying someone to sniff out where the H1 tags are.

I also suspect many website owners may take a kicking moving forward when Google creates a separate mobile index (possibly 2018 from my reading) and backs off on desktop search.

Google is pushing very hard imo on how a website performs in the mobile space including everything from accessibility to the obvious one of load speed on flakey network connections…how long before performance on mobile (if it’s not already) becomes a serious part of organic indexing?

Here’s their latest efforts for anyone game to try them;



I can’t find an Open Source CMS site (even well optimised ones) that get close to a pass.

If this becomes the new standard, you’re going to need very unique content to compete it seems.