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OK noted. You will have the volume, able to satisfy the supply and is prepared to accept small margin for your product. Now you are looking to the big supply supermarket chains.

Here is what I’ll do, if you are not already doing.

  • Start a conversation in LinkedIn, a thought provoking (but positive) that is valuable to the people you target to sell to.
  • You MUST engage with everyone responding to your post.
  • Just remember that 98 or 99% of the people that respond will not be your target person, but they may possibly know someone who is.
  • It would be frustrating if it’s your first post, because hardly anyone will respond to your post, you will need to grow engagement to critical mass.
  • Only when you have heaps of engagement on your posts, you start to visit the LinkedIn pages of people who has “buyer” for coles, woolies, alsi, iga and etc in the job title or experience.
  • What happens when you visit their profile page?
  • LinkedIn will sent them a notification that you visited, and people being people being curious, they will mostly check you out as well.
  • And when they do, start a conversation directly with the … regarding your posts for a start
  • Make your connection, and be useful
  • Only when you have built trust, you can take it offline to further the discussion.

It will take a lot of your time, but it will be well worth it. Don’t even think to outsource this to others, because they will not know your business as well as you do.

Hope it helps.