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Absolutely get written permission from the 2 websites you mention. The photos belong to them unless stated otherwise, and you don’t know the arrangement in place for whoever created/took those photos in the first place and passed them on for the websites.
And in any case, if you obtain written permission, and things go pear-shaped, you can demonstrate you did the right thing. From what I’ve seen, lawsuits tend to pull in anyone connected and then weed them out for who was actually stealing copyright.
Basically, don’t use someone else’s image unless they’ve given you express and written consent.
If you want to bend things a bit, you can deeplink images like they do in Pinterest ie. you create a link in your webpage that encapsulates their image into your page. But if they rename it, or change page name, or do anything at their end, you have a broken image in your page (not good).
Best practice would be to take your own (is it difficult? Couple of hundred dollars for a pro photographer). Otherwise get written consent and make sure you specify the images to be used.