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Only you can judge if it is worth it. Here is my 2c:

1, What sort of business were you in? and what is it that you do now that you have dropped the retail side of whatever you were doing?
2, What caused the sudden drop of your sales?, that doesn’t happen for no reason.
3, You state that studying and furthering your skills is hurting as it doesn’t make you money. That is a really short sighted view as gaining and furthering skills is one of the best and most important things you can ever do especially for making money, developing your business, and being happy in the future. Be patient.
4, It sounds like you have worked yourself into a corner and just can’t see any ways out – even if there are some. Is there someone you can talk to with new eyes, someone who can tell you things you may not want to hear, or give a different perspective? A friend, counselor, small business advisor?

It is easy to get into a funk but if you don’t give up and just wait it out it usually works itself out and answers come. Try to think of some specific questions to ask here and we can try to help a bit at a time. You aren’t alone.