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to -Thank you for your advice, bb1 was blunt, but maybe that is what I need to hear. I drove around today, thinking, blow it, where can I work…The prospect made me feel ill, not through pride, I just cannot imagine doing anything else. I learned a lot of lessons, good and bad that you only learn by failure. I didn’t have a big enough stash of cash behind me, learned who to not listen to when it comes to advertising and how to fine tune what I do best. I owe 20K to trade suppliers which I am also chipping away at, rather than go bankrupt. So that is not helping, but I have a lot of integrity. I will sit quietly and really assess if I can hang on for another 6 months, finish the studies and see what comes, or accept that not everything works the way we want, and go and work 9 to 5 again…I do appreciate your words, as some of you have been there before me and the experience and wisdom means a lot :)