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rewbro, post: 252450, member: 101072 wrote:
However the issue is that we don’t even get to a stage where we can present them with anything, as soon as I said this is our first business, the agents just gave me the ‘no’. Actually, two of them started by asking have we owned/run any shops before, I answered with ‘No, but…’ then stopped me with ‘I am not going to waste your time… blah blah’ :(

Ok, firstly your are answering the questions all wrong. You say it’s your first business, and you have never run a shop before. You have actually being in a business for a couple of years (based on your comments above), and you have being running a shop for all that time. A shop is a shop.

But on the other hand you have been running a business for 2 years, plus you have set this one up (ie. suppliers, etc), and you don’t have a business plan. Yeah I wouldn’t lease to you either. You either get serious or move on, you say you have the $’s, etc, but without a business plan you don’t know if it’s a viable option, and could be just throwing good money after bad. A prospective landlord wants to know that you will be around more then a year (even if it’s upfront), because if you go broke after that year, they are left with trying to rectify the premises, plus possibly month’s tied up in VCAT to get access to the property even if you have left it.