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NathanBoxa, post: 252472, member: 46158 wrote:
From what ive learnt word of mouth is the best way to get work in this industry, as im starting out i dont have that.

When i first attempted starting the business i used free advertising and got alot of spam calls, even had a website and car signage, none of those brought in many calls.

At the moment im using Hipages, its been ok so far but it has its issues which im sure everyone that uses it knows (paying to educate people and tyre kickers)

anyone have any ideas or options?

Hey Nathan, you’ve got a couple of nice suggestions above.

I’ve worked with builders on their social media strategy in the past, and I’d suggest you look to incorporate a long-terms social strategy only if you have the time. We found social to be great for branding and securing future work, but nothing short-term. It tended to be a long buying journey.

I’d also suggest keeping an eye out on forums like https://www.houzz.com.au/discussions/building-a-home There are often people looking for help and advice, and it could be a nice in. Though again, I would only suggest this approach if you have time.

I’ve seen comments on here in the past about putting up listings on your local community boards, that could be a great start if you haven’t already.

Hope you find what you’re looking for.