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Bert beat me to it :)

Drop shipping is a good way to save costs up front and be able to offer a range of products BUT….. You need to establish some type of stock control management with them. IE automatic feeds of stock control to your store.

As Bert said it’s one of the most common issues with Drop Shipping, when a customer orders and pays online in your store and then there is actually no stock.

Also ensure that the supplier adds your business name and invoice details to the packaging, NOT their details, this would be part of your DS Model.

Many businesses adopt the combined model, some products in stock (normally the higher turnover products, so you can get a lower wholesale rate and make more money) and other products drop shipped.

Buying product outright and keeping them in your stock is cheaper as the wholesale price is lower, as the Drop Shipping is factor in the cost of dispatch.

Every drop shipping supplier charges differently, it’s a matter of speaking to a few different ones to get your pricing right.

Good luck
Mischelle :):)