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Ross Forrester, post: 252553, member: 101125 wrote:

You are in a unique position with your business – you are not spending money by doing research. Once you start the costs will keep on coming and it can be too late.

I would suggest you go to the franchise businesses. Go through the forecasts and business cases that they have to see what margins and turnover they have.

You could also go to a business broker for this detail. My understanding is that the demand for specialty bakeries is light and most trade for an average of $275k in Perth with about $150k nominal owner operated profit – which is why they franchise model works well in this sector.

Dear Ross,
Thanks for the reply,
Yes, that was I had been through,

I researched a bakery franchise and almost bought it, a year ago
I will not tell the brand for a polite reason.
I was thinking if I build from the scratch, the cost will be the same with
franchise, but there’s a catch,
I’m not sure if that franchise is competitive and reliable or not ?
That’s my question.
How can we test if the franchise is reliable ?

Because the startup for a franchise is expensive for a tiny bussines, but I got the complete operating system, there are positive and negative side of course,

Anyway thanks for the comment.