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LisaRug, post: 252543, member: 100054 wrote:
I am a startup, and need to get my website up and running.

Do you really need a website at this stage of your start up? $3k is a lot of money for a startup to budget for a website, but its very little for a decent website. Your website can either be the start of your bliss or nightmare. What do you want your website to do for your business?

  • A website without sustained long term budget for SEO to drive “cold” web traffic to your site is as good as useless, unless your website is purely there to direct your offline prospects to show you have an online presence, or
  • A website without budget for paid traffic to drive “cold” prospects to your business is also close to useless.

Don’t jump onto the website bandwagon, just because Uncle Tom, Dick or Harry said you needed a website, or because your competitor has one and you must have one as well … always begin with the end in mind (Stephen Covey).

LisaRug, post: 252543, member: 100054 wrote:
just able to share information, and for people to register their details.

“just able to share information” may not be good enough reason, you can just share it on facebook, linkedin or Google+. Ask yourself “so what?” enough times, and you still want a website, then go ahead by all means.

If you are a local business, you may possibly only need a Google Business listing for now … go claim your business listing at https://business.google.com

… just my two cents anyway.