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You may be disappointed to hear that the research shows that slideshows on websites usually don’t work. In other words, if you had the same website twice, one with slideshow and one without, the website with no slideshow would generate more business.
They take up a LOT of that very valuable screen space that people first see. What should be seen is your key message – is the visitor in the right place? You have that 2-second ‘first impression’ timeframe to hook people in. Do you sell these herbs? Are they fresh or dried? Am I buying a plant? None of this is instantly clear… (I know, I know, if I read more I’ll find out. But some people won’t).
So maybe have a think about the best ‘hero image’ that represents what you do, and the best short sentence to communicate that in words. A crude example might be “Grow Your Own Organic Herbs – Buy Online, Delivery Australia-wide”.
Slideshows are distracting bling – if you’re building a commercial site, my advice would be to avoid the slideshow if possible. But if you really like it, then make sure each picture has a message to add something useful about what you do, who for, & why.