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John Romaine
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Ross Forrester, post: 252758, member: 101125 wrote:
Our seo strategy is focussed on writing great and valuable blog articles that interest people.

This approach whilst relatively true, comes with its own set of problems.

1. Fluffy content. This is most typical. A lot of SEO agencies and freelancers providing SEO services fall into the trap of publishing useless fluffy content that serves no purpose. Its usually thin, boring crap, often outsourced overseas that reads like rubbish and sits there doing nothing. Pointless.

2. Lack of tracking and measuring. Unless you’re working with someone that really “gets it” in terms of tracking, then you’re at risk of working with either an agency or a freelancer that recommends that you “create great content” then you end up implementing the “publish and prey” method, whereby you publish a piece of content and you have absolutely no idea as to whether or not that content is bringing you sales, or customer enquiries. You can only do this for so long before you abandon it.

3. More work. Business owners are incredibly time poor. You can’t tell a business owner who has 35 staff to “create great content” and write a 2000 word blog post twice a week. They dont have time and it wont happen.

4. Sh*t has changed. Gone are the days of putting an ad in the Yellow pages then kicking back and waiting for the phone to ring. A lot of business owner still have this mindset – even online – especially when it comes to content “Whose going to read it?” “Whats the point?” “Blogging is a waste of time”.

Unless business owners trading on the web are creating great content, CONSISTENTLY they’re screwed. Especially if their competitors are.

I could go on for hours about this topic, but Ill leave it there.

Ross Forrester, post: 252758, member: 101125 wrote:
I think that authenticity in business is needed – and for some reason seo companies forget that. They are focussed on beating the system rather than do what the system wants you to do.

Not all.

Infact most clients are the ones wanting to “beat the system” because they’re looking for short cuts or quick wins. Why do you think so many people throw money at $99 a month SEO?

I get tired of hearing that argument – “SEO companies are assholes”

In many cases the client is the problem, not us and I know from years of experience that that is often true.

“John, cant we just build a lot of links?”
“I dont see any value in creating content lets just skip it”
“Ive found another agency that Im going to work with, they said they can gaurantee rankings without doing any of this blogging stuff”