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Hi Wayne,
The basics have not changed since pre-Google. As others have said, “content is king” but SEO needs to operate within,

  • what content,
  • for whom,
  • what searcher actions are achieved and
  • within what client resources availability.

You also want to know some of the major changes that have impacted SEO. They include:

  • The size of the web. The single most important issue! G was built to index and analyse 100 million pages. Now it has indexed 130 trillion pages. There are still only 10 top search result places. That’s increased the average competition for them 1.3 million-fold in 18 years..
  • The diversification of search platforms (desktop, tablet, mobile)
  • The searcher’s locations (Once it was either office or home. Now it can be anywhere.)
  • When they search
  • What they search for
  • Now can use voice activated search as well as keyboard search
  • Length of search queries has grown as a consequence of web growth and voice search.
  • Complexities and diversification of page publishing formats
  • The complexity involved in ensuring a site’s SE indexibility
  • The range of content Google now scrapes from client’s websites
  • G’s ability to analyse content and where/how it is published on a page and on those that link to it
  • G’s ability to better ID the searcher’s intent
  • G’s ability to better ID relevant links (and hide them from us)
  • G’s ability to ID and action link building spam

Then we have the unknowns that are likely to emerge from G’s imminent launch of its mobile search index. IMHO, many/most mobile index changes will likely relate to the differences in visible page content and HTML code used to publish mobile vs. desktop pages.

There have been countless attempts at creating standardised SEO services over the years. I can’t think of any that stayed around long. As well as the changes above, there is also the problem that no two search markets, clients and their resources are the same.

Every SEO project needs to start with research into potential customers and their info needs, the client’s site and the search competitions’ sites. How can you standardise that?

I’d be thinking long and hard about your business model. A website with the name Linkalanche already starts to sound like a link building scheme. G’s war on such schemes goes back way before PBNs. (Ever heard of G’s 2003 upgrade, Cassandra?)

These days it is likely G can quickly ID you and your clients and kill all of you for promoting or participating in a link building scheme – if that’s what it is deemed to be by G.

Have a look at these 2 post-Penguin surveys of SEOs who suffered link building penalties:

Then there is the latest problem for link builders… Please check out what Google’s Gary Illyes said recently:

Sep 17: Google: We Ignore Tons Of Links But Which Links Is Almost Impossible To Figure Out

Illyes Quote:
“…it is “close to impossible for you to check which links are actually deemed critical.” So why bother trying to figure out which links are important and which links are not if there is no way for you to do so?”

“Gary then added that Google “ignores tons of links” and that even if you collect data from Google Search Console and third-party tools ” that you won’t know which ones are absolutely critical.””

Good luck…