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Ross Forrester
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Handmade toys sound great – but they are of no help for a 6 year old going to a Paw Patrol party.

If your product is very niche you will need a much bigger catchment than a country town.

Understand your fixed costs and your gross profit margin to see your break even point. Your research will have to look at people in different towns with the same population sizes or look at similar niche businesses within the same town (like a costume hire) – walk in and have a chat to the owners (do not email).

Otherwise people do data analytics based on the number of kids and expected purchasers per kids – so 3 per 100 etc.

The problem you have is with massive category killers that are cost focussed. Many young families are price sensitives and kids typically have a short attention span.

The advantage before you start is that you can do all of this research and not lose money for every day you understand the market.