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YellowRiver, post: 252924, member: 101432 wrote:
Hi everyone,

I’m familar with air freight for example DHL, TNT etc but have never used Container Ocean Freight. I’m planning to send over some different sized car auto parts to sell locally. I have a few questions.

How does the general process work with shipping a container load from overseas into australia? do i contact a logistics company and they organise everything from picking up my stock from a supplier, loading them into a container then shipping to my doorstep?

Also when would you recommend using LCL (Less Than Container Load) as opposed to a FCL (Full Container Load)?

Many Thanks

Hi YellowRiver

Welcome, and whilst i am not the best person to give full advice i am happy to offer some….

Containers are generally 20ft @ 26cb or 40ft @ 60ish from memory and 40ft HC 66cbm i think… Generally there are 2 options, and it will all depend on many other factors such as where you are buying from, who buying from, what are the relationships (if any with suppliers and local shippers) and so forth, however, that being said…… These relationships can hide some costs, burdened by you once items land.

In my honest opinion, i would hit a freight forwarder up NOW and discuss all this as there may also be implications associated with bringing car parts into Australia (if used or new etc and legal requirements and so forth) and other hurdles that a Freight Forwarder (a good one) should be able to run you through. Hopefully one on here will lend a hand and you may be able to call them to discuss.

Re the difference between FCL and LCL, we found it was around the 5-7cbm mark and also depended on actual season of shipment (if peak or not) and associated costs… For us, it was always better to fill a container and reduced the per cbm considerably. Re FCL/LCL/Air (dhl etc), its value and whether taxes are involved or additional that would make this decision for us or others considering this.

Hope that helps a little, but really recommend chatting directly to a freight forwarder immediately and ascertain the next move as they are best positioned to advise… If you know anyone that imports, ask them if they have found a good forwarder as well, as a goof FF is worth their weight in gold.

Cheers and good luck

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