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For anyone following along, I’ve been doing a bunch of reading. It seems there is no way that PayPal will allow you to sign up for an account in 2 different countries unless you live in bother countries. I imagine if I were to pay Stripe Atlas to setup a US LLC for me then that would possibly allow me to get a US PayPal account for that LLC as well. But the cost and complexity (ongoing US tax obligations) of having an LLC in the US doesn’t seem worthwhile to me at present.

There are of course illegitimate ways to get around these rules and get a PayPal acct in a second country, but that’s not something I’d be interested in.

For me, the inability to get a USD-based PayPal account makes the rest of the exercise a bit irrelevant, since that’s the main thing I need. Bummer.

Please do let me know if anyone else has any other thoughts!…