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JohnW, post: 261183, member: 6375 wrote:
Hi Adam,
The problem with this topic is that there is no quality/accuracy control over the answers.

I don’t know how many haters there are of Patel but I do know that in the digital marketing segment of SEO where he started, there are many experienced folk who strongly disagree with much of his article’s research, assumptions, logic and conclusions.

He seems to be a full time content generator who started in SEO but who has
now diversified into all matters related to online marketing. Could he be simply chasing the money?

That does not make him an expert in any one of the segments.

  • What areas of digital marketing do you consider him to be an expert?
  • Why do you think he is an accurate expert in these areas?

IMHO, it is extremely easy to influence opinions when the person being influenced has little knowledge or experience of the subject.
I get what you are saying and I agree with most of those points,
What I like to see in an expert is someone that is able to produce the goods,
Neil produces the goods time after time. Some of the information he puts out can be very controversial though.