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John Debrincat, post: 254021, member: 2969 wrote:
Hello [USER=102081]@elainec[/USER] great to hear that you are launching an online business. I would suggest that you provide a little background about the business e.g. what are you selling, where are you based, market focus and so on. Generic advice can be good but may miss key issues for your market. Your approach does really need to be specific to your market, customers and products.

Social media is a great way to engage with people and you should consider developing a social network. But be aware it is not a set once and forget. Social media needs a lot of work and constant attention.

Selling can also involve multiple channels meaning physical store, online store, eBay, Amazon, Google Shopping your approach will depend on the channels you use.

I can recommend two excellent Facebook groups – Online Retailers Australia and eBay Sellers Australia (if you will use eBay). Also consider joining the Flying Solo Group as that will allow you to get into conversation with other members.

We also have a couple of information pages on our website – How to Start and Online Business – which get pretty good feedback and also – Costs and Issues Starting an Online Business.

Hope that all helps but remember provide some more business detail for better advice.

All the best


Thanks heaps John, I’m planning to start an online clothing business. I’m based in Australia and targeting Australia and US.

Shall check out the info you’ve given me, thanks for taking the time to reply my question.