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bb1, post: 262632, member: 53375 wrote:
And thats the crux of the problem.

Your average newbie, are told they need a website, they go to a ”designer” who sells them the latest and greatest ”website”. But in reality it’s just another template pulled out of their back pocket, the average business person has no idea, that the ”designers” talent laying in just changing a colour or a few words on a stock standard template.

Comes back to your original question, it’s because developers and designer have no creativity, they take the easy road of pulling out a template.

First up, as I’ve mentioned before, I have no problem with templates as such. So far as layout (not content) is concerned they’re a sensible tool. To code a layout from scratch is generally cost prohibitive on most budgets…I do get a bit shitty when the template is actually a “theme” i.e. straight off the shelf from another wholesale designer, then passed to a client as “original” work.

No problem if the client is aware of it and is only paying accordingly for adding copy, images etc.

I’d agree the average person would have no idea, but I do think the days of designers/developers smashing out off the shelf themed sites are numbered.

A quick look in the membership files here, and you’ll notice many/most web designers are no longer in business…even some posting in this thread.

The competition for clients (Squarespace, Wix etc etc) and the low acceptable price point for most newbies, just kills off the solo/small operator very quickly imo. You now need to know very little about the technology to get a passable (visually) website up and running.

But, you need to know a LOT to get a ROI online.

The ones that last (also seen in this thread) have been around long enough to be able to prove a ROI to their clients, often by providing a lot more than straight design work.

True innovation in design (as in most other things) is rare. Maybe someone will surprise both you and I (but I’m not holding my breath in the meantime).