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Many designers can do “different” without too much drama, we all have our personal projects we do for fun ;) (and/or to learn). It does not mean that’s the best path forward to achieve the business objectives for a particular client, which should be first and foremost (ie, form should follow function).

Even Jen Simmons has acknowledged that in her presentations. ;)

The boundaries are still being pushed, just many of those working with small businesses won’t neccesarily see much of that as they don’t have the budget/time to “try” things that may only have a small chance of working, or to engage with user studies that can identify if some new idea would be worthwhile pursuing.

And “CSS Grid”, once it’s more widely used, will also encourage breaking out of the restrictions that CSS has placed on layouts previously. But again, this has to follow a well thought out business/usabaility objective to do so, whether any of us like that or not.

If you want “creative”, here’s a decent site to see what’s happening at the “bleeding” edge: https://thefwa.com

You might notice not everything’s web based… something else that is changing, that line between “web” and “real world”, which is where the boundaries are really being pushed at the moment.

Anyway, simply trying to shed some light on “why”, which was the original question asked. ;)