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Zava Design, post: 263423, member: 34615 wrote:
Randomly came across this article which nicely covers the stuff that I and a few others were trying to convey in this thread: https://conversionxl.com/blog/why-simple-websites-are-scientifically-better/

In summary: User expectations.

It’s interesting seeing the “science” of webdesign evolve. I would say that user experience is also influenced by age, how tech savvy they are and possibly other factors. My 17 yr old son is much more intuitive than I am when it comes to technology as he has grown up using it. Where as I prefer an easy to navigate format.
This is where eccomerce software excels, most of their templates have done the work for you in regard to easy to read layout, mobile friendly, top left logo, bottom right abn, contact, etc. The user experience is pretty seamless although you can customize automatic emails, etc. I’m seeing more and more sites that are using ecommerce software (invoice formats, call for customer reviews, dispatch notification, etc are all pretty much the same format so it’s easy to pick up). I wonder if it’s they are the wave of the future and what that means for design. Will it kill creativity because designers will have to work within a framework or unleash it as the clunky stuff will be already done?