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[USER=34615]@Zava Design[/USER] enjoyed the articles, cheers.
[USER=54379]@Tom ISW[/USER] Philosophical is fine and to be encouraged imo.

You’re both on a similar theme to some extent i.e. rocking the boat is dangerous (and possibly costly to a soloist).

I agree that consumers have expectations about both websites and houses…but I’m old enough to remember when the dunny was near the back fence and websites had sparkly backgrounds and weird little men carried flags across the screen.

At some point, someone takes a risk and pushes the envelop in design, otherwise it would be a very static world (and I’d still be checking for spiders under the seat).

One area where I think standardised website design is failing badly is in the mobile space. Most are crap on a phone…increasingly the primary device of the majority of users.

Some companies are “onto it” and creating genuine “mobile first” sites but they’re still pretty rare and I think this provides a disservice to small businesses whose customers are primarily mobile consumers.

I don’t think mobile first is any longer an exclusive with to young users. Anecdotal I know, but I’ve just had a conversation with neighbours (both in their 60’s) and they’ve just done deal on new mobiles and thrown out every computer and laptop in the house…and they do everything online and so do their mates.

I think the mobile interface is the new frontier, how it evolves should be interesting.