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In who’s opinion, the user has no choice in the matter
From the many, MANY hours of user & usability research that has been, and is continually being done, on web (and all digital) interfaces. No, majority of small businesses will not be a part of this, but they will see it with how the major sites appear, those businesses that can afford to do this research (as well as those that can afford to pay for the research where not published publicly).

And much of this is available if you research the area, loads of usability studies, case studies, user research available. Some you need to pay to access, but there’s plenty publically available too. I was involved in some of these user tests in the early says for companies like Toyota, who were one of he first automa

20, 15, maybe even 10 years ago, there was a lot of guesswork in what worked, and thus more experimentation to see what would work (and in the early days because there simply was no research to base interface design on). But now – thankfully – for the most part we do know what works, and what users expect from an interface.

So, to paraphase part of your post, the user has had close to 100% of the input into what we now know, though these tens of thousands of hours of user research.

Now is this a perfect science? Of course not, individual people are all different. But a little like other fields of psychology (and a lot of it is based on similar areas), we do have some very good ideas of how people react and engage with interfaces, and what elements are likely to work better than others.