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Zava Design, post: 264050, member: 34615 wrote:
Let’s take car dashboards for one…

So “flat” design, drop shadows ;) …etc, will come and go. But the underlying rationale for how elements look generally, and where they are positioned within an interface, will – and many would argue should – remain consistent.

Great example! I’ll put this alongside mobile phone form factor.

The sameness I see on a lot of websites (several of mine included) is the ‘horizontal bar’ layout: full width sections, each with a different background (image or colour). In the absence of previous user behaviour knowledge and some fairly serious tracking, for me, it overcomes the challenges of:

  • do we make people click or do we make them scroll, by making them scroll but refreshing and maintaining interest in each section
  • on desktops, what do we do with the ‘dead area’, the area outside the main content area
  • whether you are using a framework or not, it’s easy to maintain consistency across devices.