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Paul – FS Concierge, post: 260367, member: 78928 wrote:
I read a story about a booking agent that forgot to book an ad in a major newspaper for a year – the company’s earnings in that market was on-trend with all other markets for that year!

The dilemma became if and what to reveal to the company…

Sometimes super-niched influencers <1000 on a mailing list can be an effective and cost effective way of reaching an audience for a Soloer...like always, research, due diligence and measure results is the order of the day.

The broader questions are the important ones.

What are my goals and what is the most cost effective ways of reaching them.

Using influencers is one way of reaching an audience but there are many more.
Hi Paul,
I’m not anti any specific online or offline promotional channel.

I just can’t imagine a situation where any small business should limit itself to one of the many available to it.

I also can’t imagine a situation where any two small businesses are likely to find the same optimal promotional answers that are appropriate to their objectives and resources.

My “pet peeve” is any online marketing (meaning “promotional”) services that offers universal, simplistic solutions to those with limited marketing and/or technical knowledge in online promotion.

I encourage FS to listen to the people asking the questions in the Q&A session at the end of GV’s Brisbane video. Would you consider these folk to be informed about marketing or online promotional activities?

This illustrates the futility of using online “reviews” to indicate any sort of performance “quality” when complex assessments are involved..

Now watch this video that includes part of another GV video Q&A.

So, FS small business owners, do you go with simple answers that are emotion based and which have not been quantified or do you go with researched answers that are more complex and evidence based?