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What are my goals and what is the most cost effective ways of reaching them.

I actually disagree with that. A better way would be:-

“What are my goals, and what is the best way of reaching them”. And even then, “best” is subjective.

The problem with “most cost effective” is that it is a compromise, plus, most interpret it as “cheapest”. You always hear more horror stories from those who sought the “most cost effective option”, than from anyone else.

There are two fundamental problems with using price as a primary indicator of the value of a service:-

1. Most overestimate the potential of what they will get by paying as little as possible, often because they don’t understand what it is they want, and
2. Most think that paying more gives you something better, which is much harder to define with services than it is with physical goods.

Sadly, we have lost the ability to quantify value as anything more meaningful than number of likes.

Case in point is influencers. Apart from high profile exceptions, there isn’t a great deal of info around that influencers boost actual performance, certainly as much as influencers suggest.

There is always a way to get a bigger bang for your buck, it is an ongoing search to get the right content, right platform, right assistance etc.