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Hi Folk,
You might want to think of “influencers” in two categories:

  • Those that are paid to promote 3rd party products/services
  • Those that influence a lot of followers to buy their own products/services

When you get the 2nd largest advertiser in the world (Unilever) threatening Google and Facebook to clean up 3rd party influencer’s false follower claims, you know there are $billions involved. Eg.

Then there are the “influencers” who are selling their own services. This is where “popularity” and “reviews” rules. It seems most web users are influenced by “reviews” even though they are so easily and frequently scammed.

In the minute market segment of SEO experts I can run the names of SEO experts who really know their stuff through Google Trends and compare their search frequency with the most popular but least accurate, least informed, most illogical and SEO inexperienced names and the knowledgeable folk won’t even rank beside them.

Guys, “Influencers” may not impact on you but they have a huge impact on the web. Why do you think social media wants us to measure success by “likes” and “followers”? It is all about dumbing us down to accept meaningless and often inaccurate metrics.