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I’ll weigh in on the original question of social media…

1) Facebook – This was my firsit social media foray, we were foolish and made a lot of mistakes creating a group with 10k unengaged followers and achieved nothing.

Advertising on facebook we absolutely nailed it though – The tight targeting and ad testing allowed me a $0.22-$0.35 cost per email registration.

2) Youtube took me about a year of work, but I now get about 800 people a month now entering the funnel via my free giveaways. Not bad for the time invsted. I’ve also had a LOT of potential clients say when they call or organise to meet with me “Oh my god I can’t believe I’m actually talking to THAT GUY” – So seeing you regularly on youtube creates a star quality of sorts.

3) Instagram I’ve had absolutely no luck at all, but it has proven useful for minor media attention. I wouldnt’ bother with it again.. Maybe It’s just not my style…

4) LinkedIn is a platform we use with one of our B2B clients, and there we reach out personally via conent campaigns and personal messages and definitely pick up customers along the way for our client.