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John Romaine, post: 255200, member: 39536 wrote:
I get asked this sort of nonsense all the time.

  • “If you get me good results Ill share the revenue with you”
  • “Lets partner up and share the profits”
  • “Ill come over and give you a foot rub if you do my SEO for free”

No thanks.

It’s just rude that you even ask.

You wouldn’t ask this in any other profession.

  • “Listen I need a really swanky haircut. You cut it and style it, and if I pick up that pretty girl that Im keen on, Ill pay you”
  • “We need plumbing repairs because we’re selling our home. If you fix it and we get what we want for this house, we’ll pay you”
  • “I need a new pair of Reeboks. How about you just give me these shoes now, and If I win the 100m race on Saturday, Ill come back and pay you”

What you do, and how you run your business, your work ethics and everything else thats involved in how you operate is beyond my control.

Im also not in the business of destroying my business in order to improve yours.
Appreciate the input and apologise if that has happened to you John; but flat out refute the suggestion it is in anyway unfair to ask, reflects poorly on a business to do so, or that other professions don’t operate in this way- see lawyers, builders, farmers, food retail etc etc etc.

All comes down to having a clear definition agreed to by both parties at the outset of what is a paid “result”.