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Byron Trzeciak, post: 263872, member: 56118 wrote:
$120 per week = $480 per month. I’d struggle to see how this could be a profitable strategy for you long term, especially with the social posts i’ve seen thus far.

It’s all basically “look at me”, “buy from me”, “here’s our brand”, “look at what we are doing”…… this might sound harsh but honestly, your customer doesn’t care, you need to make the customer the hero.

If this was my site and brand I’d be doing something like this:

Short, 20 -30 second recipe videos which require either a) pasta or b) pasta sauce or c) anything else you offer.

Secondly, short video of potential customers at markets tasting your pasta and loving it “It was amazing, i bought one of each”… “i’ve never tasted pasta this good before” …. “it’s the best gluten free flavour i’ve found”…

Lastly, do some kind of recipe ebook or promote website recipes. I’ll happily give you my email address if you gave me an ebook with 10 great bolognese recipes, promote this as well via paid to the right audience. Build your email list up and then start marketing to it.

Lastly, if you’re not doing video on Facebook, you’re not in the game. Hands down every video I post gets 4-5 times the reach of any blog post or image, maybe even more.

Same goes for your website:

Grandma Blue was the matriarch of our entire family. Her home was a place of gathering and happiness for us all. A safe haven where the world around could rush on by, but you could curl up with cousins in the lounge room for a doze after a filling warm meal. Stories, laughter and meals shared with Grandma were truly cherished.The sauce that bears her name is the centre piece of our sauce range. We hope it brings the same enjoyment to your table.

This doesn’t resonate at all for me, I want to know how it tastes and a sense of the flavour because i’ve been burnt by too many poor quality goods at markets.

Again I’d probably try a strategy around a) attracting visitors with relevant recipes, b) converting with an ebook and c) selling with email marketing. If you want to improve sales with Google Ads I’d work on your copy and have more proof through testimonials, awards etc. There’s no reason why people wouldn’t buy direct on first visit either but as your brand is not well known then they’ll need to trust you.

Lastly I’d look at those packages, typically when you buy from a market you might often take a sample of their products. I just want the packages to be pre-built, maybe for a gift, but on your site i have to select 8 different types of pasta sauce and the pasta individually as well plus two additional fields, that’s just adding to the basket and i’ve still got to checkout! You need to make it faster, it’s overwhelming in my opinion and i’d likely lose interest in that process and say “oh, ill come back later” and never return.

Really great points Byron! will look into :)